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A screenshot of Baby, Bats, Darling, and Buddy, illustrating the film's of color as a thematic signature
Baby Driver uses colors to symbolize the personas of the core characters. Baby's muted sensibility clashes with the bright, vibrant colors worn by Bats, Darling, and Buddy.
Wright views Baby's moral shift as the thematic crux of the film.[42] According to David Sims at The Atlantic, Baby's initial moral detachment manifests through his reliance on music, which he uses to escape the chaos in his environment, and his own tinnitus.[42] It is only because of his obligation to protect Debora, Joseph, and the impending threat of crime on his livelihood, that Baby is forced to confront reality, no longer able to ignore the mayhem around him.[42] Baby Driver employs some of the conventions of gangster film, chiefly heroic fatalism and uncompromising villainy.[62]
Characteristic of Wright's films, Baby Driver is driven by strong color cues. Colors are used symbolically to represent the personas of the core characters.[63] Whereas Baby is dressed in drab colors that reflect his black-and-white perspective of the universe, his peers are associated with bright, vibrant colors that clash with this sensibility: red symbolizes Bats, purple and pink symbolize Darling, and blue represents Buddy.[63] As the film progresses, the pressures of organized crime become overwhelming, and Baby's wardrobe evolves by proxy. He is seen in faint greys and bloodstained white shirts at that point.[63] Costume designer Courtney Hoffman incorporated light grey colors into Baby's wardrobe to illustrate his struggle for freedom from the criminal world.[63] Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times argues Baby Driver is an exploration of identity and personal style, and how said expression dictates one's status in society.[64]
In their piece for the Los Angeles Review of Books, David Hollingshead and Jane Hu examine race as an important thematic element in Baby Driver. They contend that certain aspects of the film, such as the casting choices and the reliance on a "white innocence" narrative, provide a subtext of "racial awareness" as well as commentary about the ethics of cultural appropriation.

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